Qweenstown, New Zealand

Sagy Cohen

Lab Director and Associate Professor  mail-128



Graduate Students

DinukeDinuke  MunasinghePhD – Flood Responses to Morphological Changes in Global River Deltas mail-128



Md. Tazmul Islam – M.sc –  Global Bedload Flux Modeling  mail-128



Mariam Khanam – M.sc – Effect of River Bathymetry on Riverine Flood Simulations  mail-128



Nishani Moragoda  – M.sc – Climate Change Impacts on Global Riverine Sediment Flux mail-128



Undergraduate Students

Austin Raney – Floodwater depth estimation in coastal regions mail-128


Former Members

Postdoctoral Scholars

LaurenceLin Laurence Lin –  Geo-Ecological Modeling of Riverine Denitrification



Graduate Students


Bradford Bates – Research Assistant  – Flood Inundation Mapping Using Satellite Remote Sensing mail-128




Shawn M CarterM.Sc, 2016- Land use Effects On Global Riverine Sediment Flux




Monica StoneM.Sc, 2016 – Effects of Land use Change on Hurricane-induced Floods



ToTongWanng WanM.Sc, 2016 – Global Bedload Flux Modeling



DudiDavid Hoober (Ben Gurion Uni., Israel) – M.A., 2016 – Gully Evolution Modeling in Agricultural Catchments



personNicholas Haney Research Assistant – Global Land Use Modeling; High-Res Floodplain Flux Modeling 




 Undergraduate Students

Ilham Ali – Hydraulic Simulations of Floods in Coastal Mississippi Counties

Julia Zimmerman – Green Infrastructure on UA Campus

James Misfeldt – Flood Inundation Mapping Using Satellite Remote Sensing

Andrew Balch     – Incorporating Detailed U.S. Reservoir Data into a Global Dataset

Bradford Bates   – US Sediment Flux Analysis 

Brie Lowery        – Global Water Discharge Trend Analysis

Shawn Carter     – Trends in the Mississippi Basin Water Balance

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