Current Members:


Sagy Cohen

Sagy Cohen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Lab Director,

Graduate Students:

Nishani Moragoda

Nishani Moragoda

Ph.D Candidate
Climate Change and Anthropogenic Impacts on Global Riverine Sediment Flux
Anuska Narayana

Anuska Narayana

MS Candidate
Effects on Sediment Flux in the Amazon Basin
Sera May

Sera May

MS Candidate
Tropical Cyclones Contribution to Global Sediment Flux

Undergraduate Students:



Postdoctoral Scholars:

Laurence Lin

Laurence Lin

Stream Nitrogen Modeling

Graduate Students:


Dinuke Munasinghe

Ph.D., 2021, Morphological Changes in Global River Deltas
Austin Raney

Austin Raney

MS, 2021, Soil Moisture and Channel Geometry Representation in Continental Hydrological Models
student researcher

Afrin Anni

Msc, 2019, Impacts of Land cover and Stormwater Infrastructure on Urban Flood Modeling
student researcher

Mariam Khanam

MS, 2018, Effect of River Bathymetry on Riverine Flood Simulation

Md. Tazmul Islam

MS, 2018, Global Bedload Flux Modeling
student researcher

Tong Wan

MS, 2016, Global River Slope Analysis
student researcher

Shawn M Carter

MS, 2016, Land use Parameterization in Global Riverine Sediment Modeling
student researcher

Monica Stone

MS, 2016, Effects of Land-use Change on Hurricane-induced Flooding

Graduate Research Assistants:

student researcher

Bradford Bates

Flood Remote Sensing – U.S. Flood Inundation Map Repository

Nicholas Haney

Global Future Land use Modeling

Undergraduate Research Assistants:

Anuska Narayana – 2019-2020 – Continental Soil Moisture Analysis
Henry Pitts – 2019-2020 – National Water Model Site Selection
Laney Brager – 2019-2020 – Google Earth Engine analysis of river width
Ben Hand – 2019 – River Deltas Land Use Classifications
Austin Raney – 2018 – U.S. Flood Inundation Map Repository
Ilham Ali – 2017-2018 -Hydraulic Simulations of Floods in Coastal Mississippi Counties
Julia Zimmerman – 2017 – Green Infrastructure on UA Campus
James Misfeldt – 2017 – Flood Inundation Mapping Using Satellite Remote Sensing
Andrew Balch – 2017 -Incorporating Detailed U.S. Reservoir Data into a Global Dataset
Bradford Bates- 2016 – US Sediment Flux Analysis
Brie Lowery – 2014 – Global Water Discharge Trend Analysis
Shawn Carter – 2014 – Trends in the Mississippi Basin Water Balance